Hi, we’re Margo & Emma Gibbs, a mother-daughter writing team from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. We’re cliché best friends who have always loved storytelling and will happily spend hours discussing the importance of one word.

Mum (Margo) is a published author, past primary school teacher and natural storyteller, who had been weaving tales since her childhood in Glasgow, to the classroom and then into bedrooms of my brother and I when we were young.

My love for story has led to a career as a budding film & television producer, with a passion for creating, developing and writing content for all story platforms.

Mirabella the Mermaid Detective is based on a story that Mum used to tell me when I was growing up. I loved listening to Mum's stories about the amazing mermaid because Mirabella was adventurous, brave, smart and fun. 

In 2011, we decided to do something with the idea and gave it the twist of the always adventurous Mirabella being a Mermaid Detective in the amazing world of the Great Barrier Reef.

We have big dreams for Mirabella the Mermaid Detective after we self-publish the first eBook in February 2013, including interactive eBook Apps, hard copies and a free interactive website highlighting the importance and awesomeness of The Great Barrier Reef. We want Mirabella to be a way that we can partner with other passionate creatives and reef advocates well into the future. 

Being part of a mother/daughter writing team is awesome. We compliment each other creatively, appreciate each other’s strengths, help each other to deal with our weaknesses and have had a life time to understand what makes the other tick. Really, we’re just formalising what we’ve been doing since I was born. Storytelling. Imagining, creating and sharing these amazing worlds, characters and adventures. It’s almost as awesome as being a real mermaid. Almost...