The World

Mirabella the Mermaid Detective is for readers who want to get lost in a magical, wonderful world. For readers who want to go on adventures and discover amazing creatures, to explore. Learning about the magical real-life world of the Great Barrier Reef, where the coral, sponges, fish and creatures are all true to life, with just a little bit of added mermaid fantasy. Mirabella is for kids who want a smart, dynamic, funny and engaging role model, and for parents who want to share in the mystery and adventure. Mirabella is for everyone who has ever said, I feel like going on an adventure today. 

The home of Mirabella the Mermaid Detective’s adventures is the real life wonderland of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Alive with the most incredible array of fish, creatures, coral and other life forms, the world’s longest reef is the perfect setting for a young mermaid detective to go on a lifetime of adventures. 

Even though mermaids are fantasy creatures (or they’re just being very, very secretive), the real magic of the Mirabella stories is found in the real ocean-life woven into every story. From cuttlefish who are a masters of disguise with three hearts to the parrotfish that mow the algae with their beak-like mouths, The Great Barrier Reef is full of  fascinating real-life characters. 

Throughout the process of researching and writing Mirabella the Mermaid Detective, Margo & Emma have become passionate advocates of reef awareness and conservation. Within the pages of each Mirabella story, readers will not only find crazy made-up adventures but an intricate weaving of real reef living. Margo & Emma believe the best way to learn is through story. 

The Great Barrier Reef is a one off, a marvel of nature that can not be replicated, rebuilt or replaced, a world that can teach humans more about how to live in harmony and balance with the world around us. For that, it must be protected. In the long term, Margo & Emma will set up a free, interactive website about Mirabella and The Great Barrier Reef where kids can go to have fun and learn about this amazing undersea world. Partnering with like-minded organisations that have a focus on conservation and story-filled learning is an ultimate goal for Mirabella’s creators, so that the Mermaid Detective’s adventures can continue to transport readers to the wonderland that’s just outside their door.